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I'll forgive you...

...for blue skies

3/6/08 12:47 am

i wish i had a bus
so i could jump in front of it

2/22/08 09:12 am

wow, i haven't updated this in quite some time...
i have a test at 1. I'm so tired
I didn't get to bed till 2:30
maybe i should stop kissing the boys
i'm not but maybe i'd sleep if i did

1/2/08 02:23 am

what a day

it was fun though

12/31/07 01:16 am

my god, last night was fucking incredible
this past dresden dolls show is easily the best one to date
and running into tall blonde Emmas in the subway, well thats just an added bonus

12/24/07 02:35 pm

and now i say it again


12/24/07 02:31 pm

so i pretty much hate everyone.
i'm working so much it kills me and still have no fucking money!
the school in all their awesomeness decided to cut my loans and now I owe them like 2 grand, i say it a lot but LAME!
and today my day off.... I work a fucking double! jesus christ what the fuck?!

12/19/07 06:14 pm

holy beans i'm sleepy

12/13/07 09:30 pm

sometimes it blizzards out and it takes me over an hour to get home from school


12/7/07 09:53 am

third time around and Evanescence was as good as ever.
they played so many amazing songs that I've always wanted to hear live. it made me happy

11/22/07 10:59 pm

so in an attempt to actually sleep tonight I took some sleeping pills, I gotta say I'm diggin' the feeling they're giving me :)

My Betta died last night, only to come back to life ten minutes later :-?

I almost died tonight by some crazy-road-raged asshole who nearly ran me off the road, twice :-0

all in all, its been an interesting couple of days
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